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Artist Bios: I specialize in artist bios. You sound great on the stage, you should sound great on the page. A good bio is versatile, adaptable, and should feel like you. It’s essential to your branding and for so many people it’s an afterthought. For my full service bios I start with a phone interview, take extensive notes, then draft a 1-2 page bio covering you, your story, and your music. You then give your feedback, and we revise from there, as many rounds as possible until you are satisfied. Remember: a good bio will last you years.

I provide the same service for a short form bio, which is generally anything under 400 words. Generally speaking these are ideal for website, EPK, and social media use.

If you’re on a budget, and you already have a bio, but feel it could use some more flair, send it to me, and for a lower rate I’ll add some pizazz. No interviews, no fuss, you just send it to me and I’ll work with what you have.

Clients have included: Adam Doleac, Brennley Brown, Harper Grae, Lena Stone, David Fanning and many more.

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