Mixing: 2 tracks and above (price is per track) (modern pop, indie pop/rock and RnB)

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I believe that quotes by artists I've worked with and listening to samples is the most trusted way to sell a service online.

4 quotes by artists

Review by Paris Composer & songwriter, Juliette Prime:

“I’ve had my songs mixed by different engineers over the last years, but Nikolaj Dalsgaard is definitely the best mixing engineer I’ve ever worked with.

An amazing mix that is up to the recent standards of the music industry.

He was so good, I didn’t even need to ask for any revisions.

I really appreciated working with Nikolaj, and I definitely recommend you to work with him if you want your song being mixed up to a professional level

He is very good with adjusting vocals too (time-aligning and tuning).”

Review by Copenhagen/Denmark Composer & songwriter, Michael Balout

Nikomix is the go-to if you want a clean, thorough and professional mix.

Fast response, great work-ethic,

Understands a musicians thoughts and last but not least he replies with a perfect product.

Can only recommend!

Review by Australian producer, mixer, songwriter, Andrew Gosden

Outstanding sounding guitar solo sound!

Vocals sound superb – really nicely treated with the right weight and presence in the soundstage.

The whole mix sounds super-cohesive and well-put together – just right, somehow.

A very professional standard!

Kudos on a superb job.


Review by NYC Composer / Music producer, Shohei Narabe:

“Nikolaj Dalsgaard is a fabulous engineer!
The sound is crisp and bright in a very nice way.

I felt it’s a sound of the new generation.

It not only sounds good, his way of positioning instruments and vocals is very musical.

He read our thoughts and understood what’s most musical and up to date sounding.

It was exactly how we wanted to express our artistic feelings and energy.

We will ask him to mix more songs and I really recommend Nikolaj Dalsgaard for mixing your project, too.”

Listen to before and after mixes here: https://nikolajdalsgaard.wixsite.com/nikomix

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