Momentum Building Sessions



Building your momentum begins with the four essentials:

  1. Vision
  2. Audience
  3. Goals
  4. Budget

Work with Bram to get these aligned before you release any music to assure maximum results from every dollar & minute you spend working on your career. You are in the business of releasing music and selling yourself in the form of shows, experiences, and merchandise. From songwriting to topping the charts, and everything in between, Bram helps you through the entire process one-hour session at a time:

    • Brand, Sound, Songwriting & Content Development
    • Create the music your audience wants to buy
    • Develop a budget & timeline to match your goals
    • Establish and protect your copyrights & ability to collect royalties
    • Build a marketing plan, team and budget that achieves your goals
    • Production guidance from pre to post
    • Live performance prep
    • Pre-release campaigns
    • Promotions, Digital Marketing, Social Media & Publicity planning
    • Website, eCommerce, point-of-sale (POS)
    • Merch design, manufacturing, management & fulfillment
    • Digital & direct-to-fan music distribution
    • Sales reporting
    • Email list building & automated opt-ins
    • Post release support & tax prep
    • And so much more

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