Workshop On Basics In Music Publishing

Music Publishing Consulting

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I am an adept music publisher. I am working on the American and European markets with licensing business on both sides of the Atlantic. I am offering to give you a first insight into this valuable and sustainable section of the music industry in a quick run for 30 minutes for a starting price of 29 USD.

Making money from music licensing can be tough, or is it that you just don’t know the tricks of the trade?

About this Event

Hosted by Ben Bailer of Germany’s Global Records Music Label and Bailer Music Publishing of Nashville, this event will be an in depth run-through on how professional songwriters should be managing their works in order to reap the financial rewards they so dearly deserve.

Some of the topics we’ll cover include:

– How to register works correctly

– How to follow up on live-performance revenues you might be missing out on

– How to ensure your royalties are collected properly

– Objectives you should address with your publisher

– Setting realistic goals and putting plans in place to achieve them.

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